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As a small business owner, you understand the challenges of limited capital and resources. But neither of these should be obstacles for your company. Modern-day business gurus liken small businesses to speedboats and established multinationals to containerships. It's much easier for your nimble speedboat of a business to maneuver in choppy waters than for a massive containership to change course.

Physical assets no longer constrain the world; SMBs can grow operations without adding physical resources like office space, vehicles, machinery, equipment, assembly lines, or human capital. A parallel world now exists alongside the corporeal world – and Hour One AI is driving significant change.

It sounds a little esoteric. Read on to find out just how easy this innovative technology is to use. You don't need to gaze into a crystal ball to see the future – it's here, now. For a glimpse into the world of human-centric presenters, click this link. You can bring 21st-century technology into your business within minutes!

What is A Virtual Host?

SMBs can be one-person operations or pretty large enterprises employing thousands of people. Wherever your business fits on the spectrum, you can benefit from using virtual hosts in presentations. The concept is not new, but the Hour One solution is groundbreaking. In traditional parlance, a virtual assistant or a virtual host is somebody who virtually appears in a presentation.

Virtual hosts are located in a different place to the presentation. Perhaps you have rental properties in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, or Black Mountain, North Carolina. If your properties are listed online, you could virtually host walk-throughs for potential business clients, tenants, or holidaymakers. You don't have to be there in person to do the job of a virtual host.

This traditional format still requires somebody to be available for the walk-through. It is time and resource-sensitive. Next-generation technology does not need you to be physically present for a showing; you can use the services of our virtual human company to present for you on various leasing platforms, or your website.

But the solution we bring to you differs considerably from everything else. Instead of outsourcing real actors to read your script or presenting in real-time, we use virtual humans. These presenter-led videos can automatically deliver a flawless presentation with appropriate facial and body gestures, synchronized lip movements, pitch, tone, and accent.

So, we take our work literally. These are virtual human characters who present your material instantly. It's as if they have rehearsed your script ad nauseam, practiced it to perfection, and delivered it with distinction. That's the power of Hour One Reals – we make it easy for you to put together a flawless presentation with your choice of characters from our ever-expanding library.

It's easily done, professional, and highly engaging. In the next section, we will show you exactly how effective our virtual hosts are for your business. You can use them in any number of formats for maximum engagement, efficacy, and effect. Are you ready to take a look?

Pros & Cons of Virtual Hosts

As a business owner, you can't be everywhere all the time. That's where virtual hosts come into the picture. They can manage the online operations of your business. A virtual host can run the entire presentation. A virtual co-host works in tandem with a human presenter. This focuses the audience's attention on a big screen with cutting-edge technology promoting your company's products, services, and solutions.


  • Teamwork is dreamwork

  • Improved time management

  • Human to human engagement

  • Cost-effective use of resources

  • Showcase technical proficiency

  • Professionally delivered presentations

  • Refocus the audience's attention on innovative solutions


  • Companies must be receptive to change.

How Effective Are Presentations for Marketing Purposes?

A leading marketing company named Storydoc analyzed some 100,000+ marketing presentations for businesses. The research uncovered important information from the aggregated content, notably:

  • It takes less than 15 seconds for prospects to bounce from your presentation sales funnel.

  • Bounce rates diminish by up to 24% when average reading time is included in presentations.

  • If the first three slides of your presentation are boring, you've lost up to 80% of your customers.

  • 32% of marketing presentations are seen on mobile with an average of 3 minutes 41 seconds viewing time.

  • Personalized presentations are the most successful technique for generating sales.

  • Mobile marketing presentations are read for slightly less time than desktop presentations.

  • Your success rate for presentations diminishes to less than 20% after 48 hours of not being opened.

  • Human-to-human videos in presentations boost average reading time by 37% and generate 17% more call-to-action clicks.

  • Presentations with a clear succession in each step have a 27% + higher conversion rate.

  • Interactive presentations have 21% more reading time on average, and 41% of customers scroll to the bottom when they can engage with the slides/content.

Source: Storydoc Presentation Stats []

Are Virtual Events Effective for Businesses?

The events of recent years have shifted commercial activity to e-commerce in a big way. As a result, many in-person events were canceled in favor of virtual events. As we emerge from restrictive global practices, we are seeing a split between in-person events and virtual events, with the latter taking precedence.

Companies like yours realize the cost, time, and resource savings that are possible with virtual events. There is no reason to put added burdens onto limited company resources and those of your customers (travel, accommodation, and time) to showcase your solutions to customer problems.

As an SMB, you can leverage virtual events with virtual presenters to harness the power of technology. The Hour One virtual presenter solution ensures cost efficiency, engagement, and professionalism. We like to call our scalable videos Reals – just like movie reels.

Business owners can now upload a script for a virtual presentation, pick a character, and create the video. It's a seamless experience. It's cost-effective, and you can add as much content as you want – it's your call. In addition, our human-to-human presenters deliver flawlessly in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, or whatever language is required for your target market.

Virtual events eliminate scheduling conflicts. You don't have to be in two places at the same time. That's the benefit for customers, prospects, and stakeholders. Arguably the most significant advantage of virtual events is that anyone can attend. It doesn't matter whether your customers are in San Francisco or New York City – the only thing they need to worry about is the time differential.

Virtual events do not need to be showcased at a fixed venue – they are now set up online. This means that you can measure many metrics such as viewers, viewing time, engagement, location, and more. In addition, virtual events with presenter-led videos are easily scheduled for maximum efficacy. This means they are akin to autonomous presentations. It's almost as if the AI technology is running itself based on your rules.

Various options are available for showcasing virtual events, notably:

  • Webinars

  • Online study courses as videos, presentations, or guides

  • Virtual conferences with presenter led videos using human centric characters

  • Live streaming to an open or closed group on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter

Your business can enjoy near limitless applications with virtual hosts. We recommend using these virtual beings with cleverly-crafted backgrounds, video overlays, and music for maximum effectiveness. Fortunately, we make it possible for you to enjoy all of these benefits. So, forget stage fright, dull and dreary presenters, or any unknown variables accompanying live presentations.

Virtual hosts can bring tremendous energy to your broadcasts. You don't need to be a PowerPoint expert, a videographer, or a professional photographer to create these interactive multimedia marvels. Our solution neatly bundles everything together for you. Simply signup, and we will show you how it works. Once you have your script ready, we'll take care of the rest.

There are many platforms that you can use to showcase your events. Forget about camera operators, sound engineers, and elaborate stages. You don't need them. Instead, go to your audience, wherever they may be. If most of your followers are on Instagram, go there. If they're on Facebook, go there. Or, if you have a large following on your blog – bingo! Other channels available to you include Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and GoToMeeting.

Believe it or not, your business is already operating in a digitally transformed economy. So, take the next step forward with confidence, knowing that you, too, are operating on the frontiers of innovation.

We'd love to hear from you! Have you hosted business presentations before? What challenges did you face? Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could pick a human-centric character to deliver your presentations to your customers professionally? All this is available to you now. Take a look at the Hour One AI solution – you'll be amazed!

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