How to Get the Word Out There When Your Company is Low on Cash?

Updated: May 9

You are a small business owner with aspirations of growth and prosperity. But, there is just one little problem – the economic climate is not playing ball. Inflationary fears, diminishing discretionary income, and macroeconomic uncertainty make it difficult for businesses to stabilize operations.

A recent CBS News report referenced a Goldman Sachs survey whereby 1100 SMBs were quizzed about their cash reserves. Some 44% of small businesses have three months or less of cash reserves available. The numbers are worse for minority-owned businesses, with 51% of SMBs having less than three months of cash reserves.

Marketing challenges are a significant bugbear for SMBs. It all comes down to budgetary constraints. Limited budgets, know-how, and technical expertise can clip your company's wings. Fortune 500 companies have mega advertising budgets – they can afford to employ the services of video production studios, purchase radio commercials and TV commercials, sponsor major sports events and launch nationwide marketing campaigns to attract new customers. Since you are a small business owner, these avenues don't necessarily apply to your company.

But that doesn't mean that you cannot promote your company to a global audience of customers. Various cost-effective solutions for promoting your company are readily available. You can easily create promotional videos, engaging newsletters, exciting content through the following advertising channels:

  • Advertise on blogs

  • Advertise through email

  • Advertise on social media

  • Advertising via guest posts

  • Advertising through press releases

  • Advertising on your company website

The costs of promoting your B2B company through these channels are minimal but, if done right, can be incredibly successful. Budgetary constraints aside, you will be required to invest time and effort to fine-tune your marketing strategy. As the premier virtual human company, Hour One AI is happy to provide you with the following valuable tips.

We're going to look at how you can create professional marketing videos and use them on blogs, email, social media, guest posts, as links on press releases, and your company website. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this cost-efficient solution to creating highly engaging, human-centric marketing videos. Let's begin!

Steps for Creating a Professional Marketing Video

The first step is to create a script for your marketing video. This forms the bedrock of your video – it will determine the overall tone, style, and content of your video. The script should be short, sweet, and to the point. In addition, it should be engaging and capture the attention of your target audience. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make an impression – make them count!

Take the necessary time to create an easy-to-understand script. No jargon, no gobbledygook. Talk to your prospects, customers, clients, employees, or stakeholders in a language they understand.

No highfalutin dialogue – keep it simple. Remember, your business is offering a solution to these people. Our professional human presenters will deliver your script with precision and poise. You don't need to worry about hiring actors, taking courses on video production, or asking your bank for loans.

Our unique process requires you to upload a script. We provide a cost-efficient service that is transforming the video marketing world. Hour One AI solutions make it easy for any business owner to harness the power of professional video advertising. We are a disruptor AI-powered company and proud of it. We can help you with all your video marketing requirements.

Blog Video Advertising

Your blog is one of the most important channels for promoting your company. It allows you to share your company's story, build trust with your target audience, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. A well-produced marketing video can take your blog to the next level – it can help you capture the attention of new readers, engage existing readers, and drive traffic to your website.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using video on your blog. First, make sure that the video is high quality and professionally produced. A low-quality video will reflect poorly on your company and turn potential customers away. Second, ensure that the video is relevant to the content of your blog post.

If you're writing about the latest trends in web design, for example, then including a video about how to create a professional website would be highly relevant and helpful to your readers. Finally, make sure that the video is short – no more than 2 minutes. Long videos tend to lose viewers' attention. Keep videos brief and focused.

Email Video Advertising

Email is one of the most commonly used communications tools in the business world. It's fast, efficient, and easy to use. And best of all, it's an excellent channel for promoting your company's products or services.

You can easily embed a marketing video in an email newsletter or campaign, making it easy for recipients to view and share with others. Just make sure that the video is high quality and relevant to the overall message of your email. If not, you risk losing readers.

Guest Post Video Advertising

Guest posting is a great way to get exposure for your company on high-traffic websites and blogs. When done correctly, guest posting can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website and help you build relationships with other industry experts.

And if you include a well-produced marketing video in your guest post, you'll have an even greater chance of capturing readers' attention and driving traffic back to your site. Once again, make sure that the video is high quality and pertinent to the topic of the guest post – otherwise, you risk alienating customers.

Press Release Video Advertising

Press releases are a great way to generate exposure for your company in the media. But if you want to capture people's attention, try including a marketing video in your press release. A well-produced video will help you stand out from the competition and increase the chances that journalists and influencers will read your press release.

Ensure that the video is high quality and relevant to the overall message of your press release.

Website Video Advertising

Your company website is one of the most important channels for promoting your business. It's your chance to make an excellent first impression on potential customers and convince them to do business with you. And one of the best ways to do this is by including a marketing video on your website. A well-produced video will help you capture visitors' attention, engage them with your story, and convince them to act.

Essential Things to Consider if You're Planning to Make a Company Video Yourself

If you think of going it alone as an SMB, consider some crucial points. Once you have finalized the script, it's time to start planning the production of your video. You will need to decide upon the following:

  • The length of your video

  • The aspect ratio of your video (e.g., 16:9 or 1:1)

  • The resolution of your video (e.g., 1080p or 4K)

  • The frame rate of your video (e.g., 30fps or 60fps)

  • The format of your video (e.g., widescreen or square)

Now it's time to start planning the shots for your video. What images will you use? What footage will you include? How will you transition between shots? Planning is crucial at this stage – it will make the actual production process much smoother and faster. Now that you have planned the production of your video, it's time to start shooting!

If possible, we recommend hiring a professional videographer to help you with this process. Videographers have the necessary equipment and expertise to produce high-quality videos that meet all industry standards. However, if you are on a tight budget, don't worry – you can still have great videos with just a smartphone!

You should shoot in landscape mode and avoid shaky footage by using a tripod. Once you have finished shooting all the footage for your marketing video, it's time to start editing. Again, we recommend that you hire a professional editor if possible. They will be able to take all of your raw footage and turn it into a polished final product.

However, if you are on a tight budget, there are various free editing software programs available online that you can use (e.g., iMovie or Windows Movie Maker). But, remember – even though they are free, they still require time and effort to master.

What's Next?

Now that your marketing video is complete, it's time to promote it. Remember blogs, email, guest posts, press releases, and your company website? Whether you produce your videos or use our studio-grade quality solution is your choice.

All professionally produced videos – in-house or through a professional video production company – must have a compelling call to action (CTA). Since you are the scriptwriter, you can provide the ideal CTA for your company's needs. Examples of CTAs include:

  • Sign Up

  • Subscribe

  • Try for Free

  • Give It A Try

  • Provide Feedback

  • Get a Custom Video

  • Sign up for Webinar

  • Create Your Video Now

  • We'd Love to Hear from You

Hour One's Cost-Effective Video Solution

There you have it! It all stems from the power of the written word. That's in your hands. Hour One provides a human-centric video solution using AI technology. Our affordable hyper-realistic human presenters are virtually indistinguishable from the Real McCoy. Watch your script roll effortlessly off your human presenter's tongue with conviction, purpose, and poise.

Choose a character and a voice from our library and create your marketing video. We have a vast repository of faces and vocalists with fully customized backgrounds, transitions, overlays, color configurations, and other technical elements. As a result, Hour One AI videos are well within reach, even on a limited budget.

You're the director, producer, and scriptwriter for your marketing videos – Hour One AI provides the tech that makes it all possible.

We'd love to hear from you! Are you a business owner on a limited budget? Do you want to create videos to market your company? Did you know that you don't need to break the bank to do this? Try our presenter-led videos and be amazed.

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