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Updated: May 9

In the old days, business websites were peppered with lots of text. Many of us assume that more text is better. Sadly, all that clutter scares customers away. Customers aren't looking to read a thesis (unless it's an academic service); they're looking for a transformative experience. Remember: Your company offers solutions to customer problems.

It's time to show the market exactly what you're selling and how it will make life better for everyone. So, naturally, you're curious about how to go about getting the word out there. It's all about messaging. But what's the best way to get your message across to customers?

Video is the answer. At Hour One AI, we understand these challenges. However, we know that small business owners don't have unlimited resources to create multimedia masterpieces. That's where we come into the picture. Our AI presenter-led solution features authentic human characters that will read your script to your audience.

Best of all, we provide these services cost-effectively.

Still not convinced you need video to showcase your company's offerings? Let's consult several ranking studies to understand why video is the answer you've been looking for. HubSpot released the Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2022, with some fascinating insights.

Let's take a look at what HubSpot's surveys found. The statistics can help you formulate a strategy to boost your brand's appeal to customers.

  • Mobile traffic makes up approximately 50% of World Wide Web traffic

  • 64% of SEO marketing professionals rate global optimization as a valuable investment

  • Email collection is associated with a 15% conversion rate – the highest in the industry

  • Events that are showcased at the beginning of videos have the best performance metrics, with a conversion rate of 12.7%

The effectiveness of videos as a conversion metric is well known. A TechSmith study found that 48% of customers find video to be the most engaging communication channel compared to just 15% who prefer plain text. Some 94% of businesses and 96% of consumers believe in the power of explainer videos. The numbers don't lie. It's all about video presentations today.

Many business owners across the United States are still reluctant to consider video for improving conversion rates. The #1 reason for this perception is 'Cost Considerations.' However, of all the communication channels available today, nothing comes close to video in terms of its persuasive abilities.

Our Attention Span is Dropping Fast!

Source: The Human Attention Span Wyzowl

Let's face it; we live in a world where data flashes past our eyes at lightning speed. Microblogging platform Twitter is an example of this. No sooner has a tweet been released than scores more tweets are flooding the platform. It's the same everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – you name it- we live through an age of supersaturated content. Keep your eyes glued to the screen.

We've created a communication network that relies on one-liners, breaking news updates, shock-value content, and impulse satisfaction. We can ignore it. But it's our businesses that will pay the price. To cater to this new-age market, we have to create compelling content that converts. Human-to-human video is the way to go.

No other form of content is more persuasive than video. Our brains are hardwired to receive emotional input for decision-making purposes. MarketingCharts conducted a study into the effectiveness of video. They found that 60% of customers spent at least two minutes watching a product video before purchasing.

Source: The Power of Visual Information Infographic Wyzowl

Leading statistics aggregator Wyzowl unveiled an infographic displaying incredible metrics

  • 10% of customers recall what they hear20% of customers recall what they read

  • 80% of customers recall what they watch and do

More importantly, 93% of all communications are non-verbal, and people process visual content 60,000 times faster than dry text. These numbers matter when you are building a small business. These metrics are even more critical when competing with other companies in the markets.

A professionally produced one-minute video is worth its weight in gold. Hour One Reals are expertly skilled in creating AI-produced hyperreal videos featuring your character choice from our selection. Our virtual humans can deliver presentations with precision, poise, and professionalism. It's a game-changer, folks!

We are so excited to share our work with you that we encourage you to try it. You can quickly transform the dull text into converting video content with a few buttons. Characters are fully programmable and can be used to create a single video or as many videos as you require. Plus, they're multilingual – for multiple target markets. So, bring your content to life with video.

What Else can We Do for Your Online Business?

Source: Hour One Office Jokes

We are only scratching the surface of what presenter-led video can do for businesses across America. Right now, you're taking an important first step. You realize that video is the way of the future. We are telling you that it's affordable and it's better for your business.

Many other business owners are actively considering all options available to them. These include overlays, text, interactive marketing content, video solutions, email marketing strategies, et al. Very few of them are aware of the groundbreaking technology available through Hour One. That's why you have a competitive edge over them.

The moment you decide to implement synthetic characters, a.k.a. Hour One human presenters, in your videos, you will be operating at a higher level. You are giving your customers what they want. Static websites with fixed images and static text are unappealing to people. Customers wish for product videos, introductory videos, demo videos, explainer videos, training videos, etc.

There's no doubt about it – video is the future of marketing. Small businesses cannot afford to ignore this trend any longer. The competition is too fierce, and customers are too savvy. They want solutions that solve their problems without all the fluff. That's where video comes in.

It's concise, engaging, and, best of all, cost-effective! If you're looking for a way to take your business to the next level, look no further than video presentations from Hour One AI. Our experts will work with you to create a custom solution that meets your specific needs. We can't wait to get started!

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