A Step-by-Step Guide to Presenter-Led Technology

Business owners use sophisticated technology every day. For example, your company likely uses some or all of the following robust systems, including online banking systems, customer retention management systems, content management systems, inventory management systems, purchasing management systems, automation systems, record-keeping technology, cloud computing systems, analytics, virtual and augmented reality, bots, and informational security systems.

Our next-generation solution raises the bar even higher. Hour One virtual human presenters are hyper-realistic because they are based on real human beings. Despite the complexities behind-the-scenes, it's surprisingly easy to use this technology on the front end. The whole point of AI technology is to make your life much easier as a business owner. It's like eating in a restaurant versus working in a restaurant. We serve up a finished product, and it's a delicious offering!

Registering to Use Hour One AI Hyperreal Technology

There are two types of solutions catering to SMBs across the US. These include Reals and Enterprise options. As a small business owner, you can decide what is best suited to your needs. Many companies will find Reals sufficient; it's a compact, powerful solution with many engaging features. Let's take a closer look!


  • Pick your favorite character & voice from the library

  • Select the ideal template for your presenter-led video

  • Upload your files (images, slides, audio, text)

  • Click 'Create' to instantly generate your virtual-human hosted video

  • Easily make updates to your online video presentations

As you can see from above, Reals has multiple use cases. These include Product Tutorials, Human Resources, Learning and Development, e-Commerce activities, News, and Corporate Communications. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. You can use Reals for any number of applications.

Think outside the box! How about Reals for creating 'Icebreakers,' 'Game Nights,' 'Comedy Shows,' 'Virtual Presenter Co-Hosting,' 'Walkthroughs,' 'Public Service Announcements,' 'Customer Support,' and so much more.

We can unearth a treasure trove of use cases for Reals as we start digging. And guess what? You're in the driver's seat. You decide how Reals can best serve your company.

Complete the details and then click Continue. Up until this point, it's pretty straightforward. However, once you're ready to create your first draft, you'll see how unique the Hour One AI Hyperreal technology is. You can create 'Audio' or 'Video' – it's your call.

All the available voices are listed on the right-hand side of the screen. Listen to each of them and make selection. It’s a good idea to play around with the editors to see how everything works. Below you’ll see ‘My First Draft’ created with some introductory text about Reals.

There is a 500-character limit in each box. That's plenty content for you. Once you're finished tinkering with the text, you can click 'Create Audio' or 'Create Video' to see just how well Reals works. It only takes a few moments to process the file by Hour One AI.

Video takes a little time to process since the text must be synchronized to a virtual human presenter. Remember, these lifelike presenters are synthetic characters, but they're incredibly realistic.

Even experts sometimes have difficulty differentiating our presenter-led videos from authentic human presenters. That's because we use authentic human beings to create hyperreal characters.

While Hour One's powerful video creation platform generates the video, you can edit the content or create a brand new video. It's your call. We recommend playing around with the content creation wizard. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to use.

While working on your draft, you can choose the background, primary color, or select character background. The style of your video presentation is equally important. You can use the paint pallet to pick your style. Finally, take a look at the logo options. The biometric fingerprint option represents this.

Customers can upload their images or pick from the default options presented by Hour One. Either way, it's seamless from ideation to creation. We'll help you get your presenter-led video out of the gates and onto your preferred medium.

Now that you've had a full-on walkthrough of our virtual human presenter video creation process, you're ready to give it a go on your own. Don't fret; we're here to assist with any questions, comments, or concerns you have. While your video is being created, you'll see the following multimedia animation. Wait a short while, and it'll be ready!

A category section known as 'Projects' is like home plate. That's where you will find all your videos. You can search for a video in the search box, create a new video, and modify your view format – Grid View or List View – it's your choice.

You'll notice the 'Rendering Progress' bar on your screen. Once it reaches 100% completion, you'll be able to export your video to your desktop, PC, Mac, or mobile device. This next step is exciting – it's where you get to see the end product. Click 'Export' and watch movie magic unfold.

You can generate hour One AI videos in multiple languages. Plus, you can create as many virtual human presenter videos as possible. Kindly read our blog posts for top tips on what types of videos to use and how many are best suited to your company. You'll find plenty of useful information on various topics – we always cover all the bases.

There are pricing plans for Reals by HourOne for BASIC, ADVANCED, and ENTERPRISE solutions. Choose what's best for your company's needs.

For business owners who want to learn more about what's going on in AI and machine learning, you're in luck! Read the next section for a list of international AI events scheduled for 2022.

Upcoming International AI Conferences in 2022

No doubt you are a little curious about what's going on in the industry. So, we've compiled a small list of exciting Artificial Intelligence conferences & summits you might be interested in attending in person or virtually in the second half of 2022. So, let's take a look.

These AI conferences on machine learning, robotics, computer vision, pattern recognition, multimodal interaction, and automation are expected to shift expectations. Brand-new technologies will be unveiled to the public, with far-reaching implications for B2B companies.

Virtual participants can enter for free, but in-person attendees might be required to pay an entrance fee (Note that costs are substantial for in-person attendance).

Did you enjoy today's post? We've been receiving lots of feedback on how to get started. So, we've crafted a post with step-by-step instructions just for you. It's easy. It's convenient. It's amazing. That's what Hour One AI Hyperreal presenter-led videos are all about. So, share your thoughts – our community would love to hear from you.

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